We’re proud to announce that Maceo Frost’s Raised by Krump is now airing on Vimeo as one of their brand new Staff Pick Premieres.

Vimeo’s new laurel represents films that have been curated by Vimeo staff which have also played at Oscar qualifying events in the last 24 months.

Raised by Krump is an extraordinary 22-minute documentary that explores the origins of “Krumping” a dance movement born in Compton/South Central, Los Angeles.

With a soundtrack featuring Flying Lotus, the film celebrates the ability of dance, music and the human spirit to overcome adversity in one of LA’s toughest neighbourhoods.

What is Krump? 

Willie “Fudd” Hodge answers:
“I looked it up an it says: Krump is a street dance from Los Angeles this and that but I’m like… 
That ain’t what I feel. Krump is Buck to me, and what is Buck? The nickname for riding a bull, 
you see the sporadic movement and its uncontrollable. But you can see all the energy from it. 
Horses do it, and THAT’S what we do!”