Ben Gregor

ben studied japanese at cambridge which is the obvious thing to do if you want to be a director so then he worked at fallon and started shooting short films that of course won everything and despite his unusual habit of eating lunch at 11.30am he's usually shooting some movies or ads or tv shows or music videos which we love because they make everyone laugh and win lots of awards and it would have been nice for him to collect his two golds in cannes for puma but he didn't because he was in bournemouth on the beach with his kids which is almost as fun but a bit less glamorous although apparently not collecting your awards is much cooler these days in an ironic comedy way and ironic comedy is really his bag since he shot the todd margaret series which wasn't at all tricky directing jon hamm spike jonze and david cross all at the same time and although he drives a prius he’s actually quite cool especially since his All Stars movie was one of the UK’s biggest indie films last year and he’s now launched an international charity called DRS which shoots hip hop music videos with underprivileged kids all round the world which is brilliant and reaffirms our original idea that Ben is one of the ultimate knuckleheads

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